Best lookings cars in small segment are Mini’s. They also have larger models that are almost big as regular cars.

Mini has the same brand recognition as BMV.
5 days ago
Apple does not embrace full remote workforce. Some of the employees began leaving work.
6 days ago
Battery life will be a big problem for this console. Also it’s huge.
1 week ago
It does not have a mobile application. There are some independent applications in iOS and Android, but none of them are in premium quality.
1 week ago
Google Reader is discontinued by Google. After that RSS as an aggregator for end users is mostly forgotten.

Also gathering latest updates with an RSS prevents advertising income for content creators.

Today they use Twitter for latest content updates.
1 week ago
It's a good iteration after Stardew Valley. There's more depth in various activities (woodworking etc) and has a dark twist.

But like Stardew Valley, it's quests are obscure. More than Stardew. You can't know what to do next.

Music is repetitive and boring. You should mute it.
1 week ago
It's 3 hour long movie in a cramped space but does not bore you. In the beginning submarine crew mocks the newly appointed office about pressure in the water.

In the climax they've had the same experience. There are a lot of details and reality on this masterpiece.
1 week ago
Mostly a teenager story. But polished in many ways and a good product.
2 weeks ago
This series is a victim of COVID-19. But it was not strong enough to begin with.
2 weeks ago
This startup gained a lot of momentum and funding. But after a while it seems deserted. Nobody sends emails about "today we're on cloubhouse at 9pm".
2 weeks ago
Steam's newest hardware product. It has many shortcomings but having a steam-enabled Linux-based handheld console is not a bad idea.

Maybe the first iteration would not be a big success, but it may add some momentum on handheld options.
2 weeks ago
Maybe the biggest players in the ERP software industry. But most of their website is filled with marketing talk and their public education materials are in sub-par quality.
3 weeks ago
They are merging back with Oppo. Also they stopped working on their own Android version Oxygen OS. It can be seen as a failure in many ways.
1 month ago
Finally it's released in Android. But Twitter killed the hype with their Spaces feature.

Also, unmodified talks are a bit harder to listen than podcasts. Podcasts will prevail.
2 months ago
New Oneplus phones are nearly expensive as new iPhones. Why buy an Android phone which will only get 1 or 2 major version updates? If you buy an iPhone you can get 7 years of updates.

They also change the Android code. Some notifications does not work, applications stop at background and automatic dark mode does not triggers.

Also they a "not calling" problem that can't be fixed. When you get a phone call, your phone does not ring. Does nothing.
2 months ago