They are merging back with Oppo. Also they stopped working on their own Android version Oxygen OS. It can be seen as a failure in many ways.
3 months ago
Finally it's released in Android. But Twitter killed the hype with their Spaces feature.

Also, unmodified talks are a bit harder to listen than podcasts. Podcasts will prevail.
4 months ago
New Oneplus phones are nearly expensive as new iPhones. Why buy an Android phone which will only get 1 or 2 major version updates? If you buy an iPhone you can get 7 years of updates.

They also change the Android code. Some notifications does not work, applications stop at background and automatic dark mode does not triggers.

Also they a "not calling" problem that can't be fixed. When you get a phone call, your phone does not ring. Does nothing.
5 months ago
Best product in the latest game consoles generation (PS5, Series X, Series S)
6 months ago
Their Github integration is great. You define a branch within your repo. When someone pushes a commit to that branch, Heroku automatically deploys that branch.

It would be great if Gitlab has the same integration. You can create it manually but it's not as easy as Github.
6 months ago
Amazon is stress. When you provision a service, most of them priced as "pay as you go".

So when you begin sending emails with Amazon SES, you'll get an unknown amount of bill at the end of the month.

They have a lot of alerting functions for usage, but sometimes pre-fixed "you can send 1.000.000 emails at 100$" pricing schemas are better for startups.
7 months ago
First few episodes are very funny. It's great to see Elisabeth Olsen in 50's or 60's dresses.

After that episodes the real deal begins. Story unfolds to new dimensions.

There are some rumors that ending will be in the Dr. Strange's second movie, we'll see about that.
7 months ago
WeWork and similar office space rent companies are in big trouble in post-pandemy era.

Some companies began announcing bankruptcy
8 months ago
They've enabled the Gamestop mania, but now they're backing off.

Android and iOS application store ratings are down to 1 star. They may have prevail, but lost trust.
8 months ago
Maybe the best option for privacy focused small business. You can store your files and sync them without big tech seeing them.
8 months ago
This game introduced digital gaming to all baby boomer generation.
8 months ago
Her role ended very ubruptly in the Fast and Furious series.
8 months ago
This is a very succesfull Malware scanner. But after Windows 10's built-in security features these became a bit obsolete.
9 months ago
He's disgrace to USA. Pro-Trum protesters' Congress riot will be remembered in history.
9 months ago
It's very boring. Ana originality is used in first movie. It's not as funny as any other SBC movie.
9 months ago