A Paas solution for web development. You just select your programming stack and push your code to the Heroku git.

It takes the code, deploys and runs the server. If needed closes and re-creates the worker. If you want there's autoscaling options.

There are Elements, add-ons which are data storage, database, caching systems and so on. You add these with Heroku interface or via command line and you have just one consolidated billing and single sign-on capability.

Heroku is great for small and mid-level companies. You don't need any dev-ops or system admins. Just you, your developers, their code and basic Heroku interface.
1 year ago
There are many PaaS companies. But Heroku is the simplest and most known of the bunch.

They had some problems with their workers coding, but for the last years they've very stable and usable product.
1 year ago
Their Github integration is great. You define a branch within your repo. When someone pushes a commit to that branch, Heroku automatically deploys that branch.

It would be great if Gitlab has the same integration. You can create it manually but it's not as easy as Github.
1 month ago